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Cellular Shades
the most innovative window coverings

Why choose Cellular shades?

Cellular shades offer you complete privacy when lowered. Cellular shades also are the most energy efficient window treatment today; cold or hot air is trapped with the honeycomb like cells allowing you to control the temperature of your room.

Cellular shades are very affordable and offer many different colors but yet are white to the street side so your colors won’t show outside. The lift systems will fit all your needs, if you have those very hard to reach windows a motorized cellular shade would be perfect for you!

Cellular Shade Features:

  • Superior insulators – the most energy efficient window covering available on the market
  • Honeycomb shape traps air inside, keeping a room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • No route holes or exposed strings, offering a streamlined appearance
  • Cellular shades are able to cover large areas with a solid piece of fabric. Fabric sizes up to 144” wide with no visible seams
  • Great application for arches or specialty shapes
  • Unique lifting options available (top-down/bottom-up, cordless, motorized, etc.)
  • Made of a woven polyester fabric treated to resist stains and static electricity, making them easy to clean, with edges that won’t fray
  • Very durable – the polyester fabric bounces back and holds its pleats for a tight stacking
  • Excellent selection if a blackout treatment is desired
  • Fabric is neutral on the back side, providing a nice, consistent look from the home’s exterior